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Name ______________________________ Bio 311C F09 Discussion Worksheet #4 Match each term below to the following descriptions. Terms may be used once, more than once, or not at all. a. Mitochondria b. Rough ER c. Smooth ER d. Nucleus e. Nuclear envelope f. Ribosome g. Lysosome h. Golgi apparatus i. Nuclear lamina j. Pili/fimbriae k. Nucleoid l. Capsule m. Flagella n. Nuclear pore o. Nucleolus p. Chloroplast q. Vesicle 1. __ K __ The region where DNA is found in prokaryotic cells. 2. __ F __ Site of protein synthesis in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. 3. __ G __ Produced by Golgi apparatus to function in the digestion of macromolecules. 4. __ P __ These organelles are found in plant cells and not animal cells 5. __ M __ In prokaryotic cells, these are naked and composed of the protein flagellin. 6. __ B __ Site where membrane proteins are synthesized. 7. __ I __ Made of intermediate filaments, provides structure and support for nucleus. 8.
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