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311C F09 Worksheet_6 - 8 What is facilitated diffusion Is...

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NAME ___________________________________ Bio 311C Discussion Worksheet #6 Cell Membrane Structure & Function 1a. Describe the Fluid Mosaic Model of membrane structure. 1b. Compare integral membrane proteins and peripheral membrane proteins. 2. What is the main function of membrane glycoproteins and glycolipids? On which side of the plasma membrane are you most likely to find such molecules? 3a. What does it mean for a substance to “diffuse down its concentration gradient?” 3b. Can a substance diffuse against its concentration gradient? Explain. 4. Molecules diffuse down their concentration gradient until they are equally distributed. Describe what happens to molecule movement at this point. 5. What is osmosis? 6. What will happen to a plant cell placed in a hypotonic environment? Hypertonic environment? 7. Under what circumstances might you expect the contractile vacuole of a protist to fill with water?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is facilitated diffusion? Is it active or passive? Why must some solutes cross membranes by facilitated diffusion rather than by simple diffusion (compare molecules that cross membranes via simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion)? 9. What is the difference between a carrier protein and a channel protein? Which type of transport protein would you expect to be used in facilitated diffusion? Active transport? 10. Why does the Na +-K + pump require energy and what is the energy source? 11. What are the two components of an electrochemical gradient? 12. What is cotransport? How does cotransport allow a substance to move against its gradient without the direct input of energy? 13. What is the major way by which receptor-mediated endocytosis and phagocytoisis differ? 14. How is material that enters a cell by phagocytosis eventually released into the cell? 2...
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311C F09 Worksheet_6 - 8 What is facilitated diffusion Is...

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