Laude's CH301 syllabus

Laude's CH301 syllabus - Accompanying Chemical Principles...

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Accessing Your ChemPortal Course Accompanying Chemical Principles, Fourth Edition by Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones W.H. F REEMAN C OMPANY To register: 1. Go to (Mac users need Firefox) TO PURCHASE YOUR ACCESS CODE: 1. Click on “PURCHASE access to ChemPortal” 2. Select “TX” from the State Drop-Down list 3. Select “University of Texas at Austin” from the Institution Drop-Down list 4. Select your instructor’s name from the Instructor Drop Down List and Click 5. Select a subscription, either for six months or one year. 5. Create your account by filling in your name and email address. 6. Create a password. Your password must be at least 4 characters long and should be something you will easily remember, since you will need it to access student materials in the future 7. Click and fill in your credit card information. 8. You will receive confirmation of your purchase and can begin using ChemPortal! 9. Make sure you open the link to “General Chemistry” to be at the correct course site. Need help? Contact technical support at 1-800-936-6899 or email [email protected] .
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Fall 2009 Professor Laude CH 301 INFORMATION PACKET Topic Description page # Coming to See your Professor A fervent plea to not be afraid to come and see me. 2 CH301: A Capsule Summary One page listing of important facts about this course. 3 CH 301 Course Outline Day-by-day schedule of lectures, homework and exams. 4 Grading Policy for CH301 How letter grades will be assigned in this course. 5,6 Makeup Exam and Quiz Procedure What happens when you oversleep. 7 Registering with the Homework Server to Access Your Grades A Web site where you must register in order to see your grades for the course. 7 Random Musings How we have our poetry corner. 7 A Calendar Brought to you by the Chemistry Lower Division Offices Where and when to go about course registration issues like dropping a class. 8 Prerequisites for CH301 Can you stay in here if you aren’t supposed to be in here? 8 Q drops Will I give Q drops to just anybody? 9 Electronic World of CH301 Useful web site links 9 Electronic Lecture Notes Stop furiously writing in class and listen!!! 9 Videos of Dr. Laude’s Lectures So just exactly why do you come in the first place. 9 E-mail The preferred way to contact us 10 Some tips on e-mail etiquette How to get your e-mail answered. 10 Textbook and Supplemental Materials for CH301 Suggested books and course notes for CH301. 11 Regrade Procedure You know that you marked a B and not a C!!! 11 Students with Disabilities Information on special accommodations. 11 Religious Observances and Make-up Exams What it says, but let me know by the 12 th class day 11 Academic Communities What were you going to do after dinner anyway? 12 Lessons on the Successful CNS Student Deep thoughts by Dr. Laude on how to survive a rigorous year of math and science 13 Learning Resources for Math and Science Courses Pick and choose how you will learn the material in
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This note was uploaded on 11/01/2009 for the course CH 301 taught by Professor Fakhreddine/lyon during the Fall '07 term at University of Texas.

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Laude's CH301 syllabus - Accompanying Chemical Principles...

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