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Note: This is exam I from last year. The emphasis will probably be a little different this time, with less on chemical examples and more on the theory for atomic structure and background for the theory like in the last few questions with out-of-sequence numbers. Just because a part of the formal lecture material is not included in the sample exam does not mean it will not be included. Your lecture notes are your primary study guide. Name CHEMISTRY 114, Spring 2004 Signature February 13, 2003 Section PracticeEXAM 1 Version 1 Affiliate ID # 1. Each student is responsible for following directions. Read this page carefully. 2. Write your name and other requested information on this page and on the separate answer sheet. 3. CODE your name, LAST (FAMILY) NAME first on both sides of the answer sheet using an ordinary (#2) pencil. 4. CODE your correct affiliate identification number on the answer sheet. This is very important! 5. Put all calculations on the examination pages. DO NOT PUT ANY EXTRA MARKS ON THE COMPUTER ANSWER SHEET! 6. This exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions worth 4 points. Choose the one best or correct answer for each question and write it both on your exam paper and on the computer answer sheets. The computer answer sheet is the only one that will be graded unless your exam paper has work details in ink. 7. This exam consists of 6 pages INCLUDING THIS page. Please check to be sure that you have them all! Information you may find useful: c = speed of light = 3 x 10 8 ms –1 electron mass = 9.11 x 10 -31 kg h = Planck's constant = 6.63 x 10 –34 J-s proton mass = neutron mass = 1.67 x 10 -27 kg Formula for hydrogen emission spectrum 1/ λ = R nn fi 11 22 where R = 1.097 x 10 7 x m –1 ACTIVITY SERIES (next page)
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Activity series lithium calcium magnesium aluminum manganese zinc iron nickel lead copper silver gold 1. The charge on an electron was determined in the .
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04_CHM114_practiceexam1 - Note This is exam I from last...

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