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1 Chemistry 114, SPRING 2004 LECTURE HOURS: MWF 10:40--11:30 LOCATION PSH-150 INSTRUCTORS : Prof. C. Austen Angell Prof. Jenny L. Green TEXT: Chemistry – The Central Science (9 th Welcome to Chemistry 114! Most students find chemistry is a bit difficult. It's mostly the way it asks us to think about bricks, plastics, and laptop computers in terms of the behavior of particles (electrons and protons, atoms and molecules) which are too small to be properly conceptualized. But these tiny particles in their billions of billions are responsible for the fact that matter and energy obey natural laws ("laws of nature"). Without laws of nature to rely on, an engineer couldn't design anything. The laws of nature are laws that can be proven by anybody who does the measurements properly. These laws take the form of simple but precise mathematical relations between measurable quantities, like pressure and volume, composition and temperature, that are found to hold true whenever the measurements are performed under the same conditions. The existence of mathematical laws which control the behavior of chemical substances
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04CHM114_handout_intro. - Chemistry 114, SPRING 2004...

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