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October 2, 2007 Adirondack-rough textures, back to nature, rustic furniture Cloud gate-sleek texture Textures more blended than contrasted, but you need a little bit, conscious contrast Picturesque-literally meant “like a picture”, look at it like it’s in a frame, supposed to be irregular, rough textures/surfaces, ragged lines, landscape Beautiful-refinement, sleek line movement, pretty much the opposite of picturesque, smooth surfaces/textures, conscious use of texture, interiors Tadao Ando-architect, tends to refine surfaces, drawn to the surface Frank Lloyd Wright- textile blocks, more rough surface Unity and Variety Don’t have to be that different even though they sound that way
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Unformatted text preview: • Unity-whole, made up of a variety of components • Unity-line, shape, color, motif, texture, repetition • Variety-you contrast something; shape, texture, light and dark (value), size or height, variation on theme • Medieval fool-not supposed to look like he’s all together, extreme variety • Can go overboard on unity too-but sometimes this can make things disappear if you want that effect (blend in so well) • Mies van der Rohe-“Simplicity is not so simple”, Seagram Building Emphasis • Emphasis-a focal point, can be degrees of emphasis • Many ways to do this-line, shape, color, contrast of idea or theme, space, texture, positioning, balance, rhythm (contrast these)...
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