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EE330 Homework1Problem6

EE330 Homework1Problem6 - dynamic memory(DRAM Flash Memory...

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http://www.tomshardware.com/news/sandisk-flash-memory,4793.html 28 nm density flash memory that is a 43 nm multi-level NAND flash memory. http://www.directindustry.com/ Device Storage Density Cost per bit Comparisons CD DVD hard disks static memory(SRAM) 16Mbit 1T/1C
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Unformatted text preview: dynamic memory (DRAM) Flash Memory CD-ROM DISKS - http://www.imagineeringezine.com/e-zine/bitesize.html Storage density = 46MBs per square inch or 7.2MBs per square cm. Bit size = 52 micro inches = 1.3 micro meters...
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  • Flash memory, storage density, nm density flash, nm multi-level NAND, http://www.imagineeringezine.com/e­zine/bitesize.html Storage density, square cm.  Bit

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