Preliminaries - Recommendation#4 Take advantage of Google...

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Website: Discuss possibility of M, T, R classes of 65 min. Recommendation #1: Include major points and concepts in class notes taken during class. Then go home and re-write and expand them in such a way that: 1. They make sense- to the point that you could present them to others 2. Their connection to previous class notes and homework is clear. Recommendation #2: Obtain a copy of Matlab as soon as possible , should you desire to follow along with its use in illustrating concepts and running simulations. Recommendation #3: Identify a project TOPIC as soon as possible , so that you can immediately apply lecture material to it. Introduce yourself to others in the class, and get to know each other. You are required to complete a group project
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Unformatted text preview: Recommendation #4: Take advantage of Google as much as possible. Recommendation #5: Come to class prepared . #1 is essential in this regard. You are also strongly encouraged to bring up your project in relation to the material being covered. In this way, you can use me (and others in the class) in a consulting capacity. Furthermore, it will add motivation for you to develop your project in an ongoing fashion. Why am ‘I’ ‘here’??? Which ‘I’ are you referring to? The student? The researcher? The social being? The dreamer? The being who longs to ‘See’? Where is ‘here’? This classroom? This university? This country? This planet? And while ‘here’ refers to a place, doesn’t ‘time’ play a role as well? Even though we will be here in this classroom for many days, it will never be one and the same. Nothing is static....
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Preliminaries - Recommendation#4 Take advantage of Google...

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