F2009HW3 - (after "The" is read): The (after...

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ECE264 Fall 2009 Homework 3 Due Fri, October 23, 11:59pm This homework corresponds to Outcome 3 Write a program that reads strings one by one from a file called "story" and stores them in three sorted linear linked list. The first list contains strings that start with capital letters (A-Z). The second list contains strings that start with small letters (a-z). The third list contains all the other strings. Punctuation marks should be removed before a string is inserted into the appropriate lists. Each string should be inserted into the appropriate list immediately after it is read. Each string should be inserted such that the lists would be sorted in increasing order. Use the same sorting rule used by the function strcmp(). Print the three lists after every string is read. For example, suppose that the file "story" contains the following strings: The first ECE264 lecture was on Tuesday, the 24th of August. The output should be as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: (after "The" is read): The (after "first" is read): The first (after "ECE264" is read): ECE264 The first (after all the strings are read:) August ECE264 The Tuesday first lecture of on the was 24th Do not use other data structures, such as an array or a fourth linked list, to store the lists. All the operations should be done using only three linear linked lists. Use common functions to manipulate the three linked lists. You can assume that the maximum length of a string in the file "story" is 80 characters. Submission requirements: 1. Your program should compile and run correctly on the machines in MSEE190. 2. The input and output formats should accurately follow the guidelines given above. 3. Name your program based on the guidelines in the course website, http://shay.ecn.purdue.edu/~ee264 . 4. Attach the program to an e-mail. 5. Address your e-mail to [email protected] with a subject based on the guidelines in the course website....
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F2009HW3 - (after "The" is read): The (after...

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