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ECE337 Project Proposal Guidelines 03/11/2009 ECE337 Project Proposals Outline & Guidelines 1. Title page (1 page) This should contain the title of your project, the word “Proposal”, your name, your partners’ names, the name of this class (ECE337), your lab day and time, the date the report is due, and your TA’s name. At the bottom, all people who prepared the report should place their signatures indicating that they have reviewed the entire report and approve of its contents. Everything should be centered and neatly spaced on a single page. Executive Summary (from 1/2 to 1 page) In industry or academia, proposals are an unavoidable step in the process of getting money, staff, and space to be able to carry out a design or research project. In the case of ECE337, it is an unavoidable step in passing the course. A proposal is used to describe what you want to do so as to persuade others to provide resources for your project. If people are giving you money and staff to develop a project, then they expect you to already have a good idea of what you want to do, how you want to do it, and what is needed in order to do it. Consequently, some of the research and design work already has to be done before you even present your proposal in order for anyone to believe it. Deviations from this format will count against you. Keep in mind also that your final report will also include much of the same information. Therefore, a good job on the proposal will save you time later. Be warned! You have to make several design decisions in order to write a reasonable proposal. This should become apparent as you read the requirements for this proposal. In some cases you may feel like you don’t know enough to make the necessary design decisions. You might have to guess or make some arbitrary choices and revise them as you learn more. That is to be expected. Even if you are confident of what you are going to do, you will probably have to make some corrections as you get into the details of the design. The executive summary is the first part of your proposal. Company executives or prospective investors will look at this to decide whether or not to bother with the rest of the proposal. Assume that the reader of the executive summary is an executive or investor. The reader of the rest of the proposal would probably be someone who can evaluate the technical merits. The executive summary should be short while giving the reader some reason to want to give you resources for implementation. The summary should answer the following questions: What is it you want to design and build? Why is it important? (is there a market for it? will it save the company time or money?) Why is this design appropriate for an ASIC (or FPGA) implementation rather than a microcontroller implementation? What is in the rest of the proposal?
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proposalOutlineSp091 - Spring 2009 ECE337 Project Proposal...

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