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ECE337 Recent Project Ideas Fall 2009 Accepted project ideas from recent semesters: SD Card Reader ASIC - SD Card to DVI Output Huffman Encoding ASIC - Accepting ASCII Data and Compressing by means of a static binary tree Tone Detector using FFT -Compares the frequency of an incoming note to a previously stored note A pipelined arithmetic Co-processor Video Black Level Clamp ASIC - Descrambles incoming digital TV signal and clamps it to black level A 3-phase Motor Driver ASIC Floating Point (IEEE74 std) Co-Processor A Packet Sniffer for packet logging and storage in a 10Mbps Ethernet medium Secure Digital (SD) Card Reader Bluetooth Headset - (Advice - only a simplified version of Bluetooth is probably feasible in the available time) Digital Image Viewing Companion - capable of outputting bitmap images with res. 640X 480 Secure Digital I/O (SDIO) to USB Adapter A Test Pattern Generator for VGA Monitors Digital Hendrix - A guitar audio effects chip
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Unformatted text preview: 8-bit Encryption Enabled UART 3D Graphics Processing Unit 12-bit Infrared-UART ( UIART ) Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter A custom Ether Gauge (that monitors the physical layer and checks for network activity, collisions, frame counts etc. ..) Encrpytor/ Decryptor stream or block, AES, DES, RC5, others? Support any of a variety of bus interfaces USB, RS232, PCI, etc. A digital MODEM that is in communication with another MODEM and a CPU Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Control Edge detector for bitmap images SPI to Bluetooth adapter (and various other bus protocol adapters) DVI encoder/decoder Audio to SD card adapter Network router or switch Digital Audio Processor Optical gaming mouse controller VGA controller for microcontroller applications Graphics controller for portable applications Binary Frequency Shift Keying Demodulator USB audio interface RAID controller for SD memory cards...
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