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Assignment #2 Due: Sep. 21, 2009 (Submit no later than 11:59 pm Develop an algorithm and design a C++ program to implement the following formulas and display the results using nice format. 1) The number of bacteria, B, in a culture that’s subject to refrigeration can be approximated by the following formula: B = 300,000 e -0.032t Where e is Euler’s number 2.71828 (rounded to 5 digits) and t is the time in hours the culture has been refrigerated. Test your program by prompting the user for several times in hours. 2) The voltage gain of an amplifier is given by the following formula: Where: f is frequency in Hz and n is number of stages in the amplifier.
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Unformatted text preview: These values are provided by the user. Test your program for a 12 stage amplifier at frequency of 9500 Hz. Try it again with different frequencies and stages, prompt user for data. Requirements: 1) Complete documentation (ID block, Analysis, and Algorithm) 2) Must use mathematical functions from <cmath> header file where possible. 3) Must use clear and descriptive output using formats from <iomanip> header file a. Print results with 2, 3 , and 6 digit precision 4) Must submit it electronically on time....
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