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Assignment #5 Due on Wednesday, Oct. 14, submitted electronically by midnight This assignment will use assignment 3 but will use a data file to read the data for a list of employees and will process them and generate a table consisting of all employees’ information. You are asked to write a C++ program to prompt user for an input file open a data file containing records for a small company read and process the data and provide the following reports. Prompt user for the output files names. A sample data file is posted on BB. 1) A payroll report in a tabular form: (Stored in a file and shown on the monitor) Name Gross Salary Benefits Contributions Taxes Net Salary Joe Smith $6850.00 $62.50 $343.75 $168.50 $6275.25 Norm Johnson Bad Data Invalid contribution not qualified John Jordan
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Unformatted text preview: $1050.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $1050.00 Nancy K. Brown Bad Data Invalid contribution 6%, Hours invalid Total Gross Salaries paid: $7900.00 Total Benefits collected: $62.50 Total Contributions to Retirement Funds: $687.50 Total Taxes Collected: $168.50 Total Net Salaries Paid: $7325.25 2) A detailed report in page format: (Print to file) Name: Joe Smith Gross Salary: $6850.00 Medical Benefits: $62.50 Retirement Contribution: 5% Company: $343.75 Employee: $343.75 Total: $687.50 Taxes Owed: $168.50 Net Salary: $6275.25 Data file Format (Organization): Skill_level Benefit_Code Contribution% Hours_Worked Id Name Data file sample: 4 3 5 50 111223333 Joe Smith 2 2 5 40 222331111 Norm Johnson 1 0 0 60 333221111 John Jordan 4 3 6 70 777887779 Nancy K. Brown...
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