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Assign6_F09 - An algorithm for main may look like the...

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Assignment #6 Due on Saturday, Oct. 24, submitted electronically by midnight This assignment will use assignment 5 but will use functions to perform tasks of the program. It is your responsibility to decide how many functions there would be and how the program is organized. The key is how you have divided the program into tasks and how functions are used to get the job done. Your program must use some functions that use pass by value, some using pass by reference, and some value returning functions. Main function must be kept to a minimal number of lines of code, mostly calling other functions and a looping statement.
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Unformatted text preview: An algorithm for main may look like the following: Declare variables Call file open function Call read record function // to read data for one employee loop while there is more data Call verify data function if data verified call process one employee function call print employee function call print table function call print to monitor function otherwise call print error function call read record function end loop Call print final report function Close files Each one of these functions may call other functions to do their tasks such as calculate salary, calculate tax, and …....
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