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Modules - Function Prototype Introduction of a function...

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Missed: Value-Returning Functions X = fun1(A, b); or use in other calculation X = fun1(A,b) *D + sqrt(A); print value cout<<"Result is: "<< fun1 (A,b); Heading: first four properties above Formal Parameter: variable declared in the heading Ex) void fun1(int A, i nt &B) ^formal Actual Parameter: bariable or expression listed in a call to a function Ex) Z - fun1(x,y) ^actual
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Unformatted text preview: Function Prototype: Introduction of a function Function Call: Using a function CHECK POWERPOINTS &B- reference call, meaning change. If you wante to remember changes in your funciton list, use ampersand MAKE SURE PROTOTYPE is there. Otherwise functions cant reference each other. MAKE SURE input and output files used as pass by reference...
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