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SwitchFunc - cout<<"Good Job" break case'b...

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****************switch function*************************(instead of "if") switch(int exp) //ONLY AN INT! { case v1: Task1; break; case v2: Task2; break; : : default: TaskN; break; } -a character counts as int... i think? EXAMPLE: Grade = ???...; switch (Grade) { case 'a' : case 'A' :GPA = 4.0;
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Unformatted text preview: cout << "Good Job" break; case 'b' : case 'B' :GPA = 3.0; break; case 'c' : case 'C' :GPA = 2.0; break; default :GPA = 0.0; break; } OR if the input is originally not an int: switch( (int) Avg) //casts the Avg value as an int...
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