Exam_1 - EAS102 G/H Exam 1 Feb 7 2006 Name Read each...

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EAS102 G/H Exam 1 Feb. 7, 2006 Name:______________________________ Read each problem carefully. It is important that you show your work were appropriate. Any solutions involving calculation must include work. There are 5 problems and a bonus question. You must do problems 1, 2, and 3. Choose either problem 4 or 5. PICK EITHER PROBLEM 4 or 5. WRITE WHICH PROBLEM YOU WANT GRADED HERE __________ Problem 1 (25 points). Short Answer i. List three traits that are important for successful engineering. ii. List three steps that are important in the design process. iii. You are a process engineer working in a manufacturing environment. Your company is experiencing problems with the quality of your product. You are not meeting the specifications. You consult engineers from supplier companies. Your chemical supplier suggests a new chemical that would fix the problem. You machine supplier suggests some costly repairs to the equipment. A vendor that installed the control system suggests that upgrades in sensors would fix the problem. a. Write a problem statement for this engineering problem. b. What type of information would you like to know to help with your decision. 1
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Problem 2 (25 points). A bridge currently has two-lanes of traffic on it. This is on a limited access road that only passenger cars can travel on. Lately cars have been getting backed-up until the entire bridge is bumper to bumper cars. A third traffic lane can be added to reduce traffic. To see if it is feasible, you want to estimate how much weight
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Exam_1 - EAS102 G/H Exam 1 Feb 7 2006 Name Read each...

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