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EAS102G/H LAB 3 Spring 2009 ______________________ Name Structures Objective: To explore how structures carry load. Investigate the difference between tension and compression. Visualize stress concentrations. In order to effectively design a bridge, one must understand how load gets carried through a structure and appreciate how materials respond differently to different types of loading. 1. Complete the definitions on page 2 using www searches. Incorporate these words into the answers for your answers to parts 2-4. 2. Tension versus compression. a. Investigate the structures and materials given in class. This includes two triangular truss elements, some sponges, and samples of material. b. For the truss, push and pull on the vertices (Gently do not break them.) and explore the types of load carried by the bars. Which bars are in compression; which are in tension? What is the effect of the length of the bar on how the structure holds load? c. For the material samples, pull them in tension and make observations about how the width and thickness effect how much force it takes to stretch them. ( Again, do not break the samples.) Describe the deformation you observe. What happens when you push on the samples? d. For the sponges, rearrange the sponges to carry the supplied mass with different configurations. How does the height of the structure affect the ability to carry load? Describe the type of deformation you see. 3. Stress concentrations. a. Read the polariscope handout. b. Explore stresses in the objects and describe the types of fringe patterns you see. c.
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Lab_3_structures - EAS102G/H _ Name LAB 3 Spring 2009...

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