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Midterm Exam - EAS102 Sections G H MIDTERM Spring 2007 NAME...

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EAS102 Sections G & H MIDTERM Spring 2007 NAME:_________________________________ Read problems carefully and show work. If you can not remember how to calculate some thing exactly, make a good approximation and continue with the problem. If you can not get to the solution, but know how to do it, explain the procedure. 1. Calculate the following a) The stiffness (k) of a spring as a function of temperature is given in the table below Temp., C 20 25 30 40 K , kN/m 100 90 70 40 Estimate the elongation of a spring subjected to a load of 30 N at a temperature of 33 C. b) If the Excel formula shown below is entered in to cell A2 and then expanded to fill multiple columns and rows. Write the formula and give the numerical value found in cell C3. =row(A$3)*row()+column($B2) c) An engineer finds out that a power supply produces a potential drop that v has a random distribution between 10 and 15 volts. What is the probability that the voltage will be between 12 and 13 volts?
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2. In order for a boat to float it must displace a volume of water that is equal to its weight.
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