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PCE 219 article 8 - Aerospace Notebook 787 wing break...

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Aerospace Notebook: 787 wing break passes structural test By JAMES WALLACE ALTHOUGH THE BOEING CO.'s 787 Dreamliner has been beset by a series of embarrassing delays that have now stretched more than a year and a half, engineers accomplished a significant structural milestone Saturday when they broke a 50-foot-long section of one of the composite wings. On purpose. The wing did just what it was supposed to -- withstand, with a substantial safety margin, the highest aerodynamic forces the Dreamliner is ever expected to encounter in flight. Now, engineers and 787 program officials must decide if they want to break the wing on one of the 787 test planes. Other than first flight, it is arguably the most dramatic moment during the testing of an all-new commercial jetliner before it can carry passengers. For a couple of years, Boeing engineers have had a lively internal debate over whether to break the wing as part of the static ground tests. The 787 can be certified without actually breaking the wing, which could damage expensive test equipment and shower part of the Everett plant with tiny shards of composite material. A Boeing spokeswoman said engineers will study the results of the just-completed destructive testing on the Dreamliner wing box before deciding whether to go forward with the big break. "Saturday's test will help us decide on the full wing. We haven't crossed that bridge yet," she said. Boeing released a video of the wing box being stressed until it exploded, a jagged tear ripped across the composite structure. Before a new commercial jetliner can be certified to carry passengers, the Federal
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PCE 219 article 8 - Aerospace Notebook 787 wing break...

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