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PCE 219 Homework 4. PROBLEM . A wire is used to support 2000 lbs. The ultimate strength of the material is 60 ksi, the elastic modulus is 30,000 ksi, and the yield stress is 36 ksi. The diameter of the wire is 0.25 inches. The wire is connected to the ceiling and a pulley wheel is used to hold the weight. a.. Will the wire deform past the elastic limit? b. Will the wire fail? c. If the wire has not yielded, give the approximate vertical deflection of the weight due to the
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Unformatted text preview: elongation of the wire. If the wire has yielded, calculate the vertical deflection of the weight at the yield point. d. The wire is embedded in the ceiling. The shear strength of the interface is 20 ksi. Determine the minimum length of wire that should be embedded in the ceiling so that it can hold the 2000 lbs. wire 25 feet 2000 lbs...
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