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Extra_problems_for Monday

Extra_problems_for Monday - The boy with the wrench grows...

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1. Determine the reaction forces and the vertical deflection of the point where the load is applied. Assume both bars are linear-elastic with a modulus E and a cross-sectional area A. The wire is also linear-elastic with the same modulus but a cross-sectional area that is ½ that of the bars. ½ EA EA EA L L 2L a P
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2. A boy wants to remove a bolt but it is on very tight. It will take a torque of 1000 lb-in to get the bolt to turn. The boy takes a small wrench and pulls with all his might but can not get it to budge. His little sister who is not very strong but ingenious bets him $5 that she can do it. The boy not being very bright takes and loses the bet. If the girl can exert a force of 50 lbs, how long of a wrench extension must she have used to loosen the bolt?
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Unformatted text preview: The boy with the wrench grows up to be a construction worker. He needs to lift a heavy bar so he puts together the rigging shown below that will attach to a crane. His sister who happens to be his boss tells him that it is not a safe rigging, and he should only use one bolt. In addition to lacking intelligence, he is stubborn and refuses to change the rigging. He lifts the object, the bolts fail and his sister fires him. Show why the bolt forces on the two-bolt system are likely to be much higher than the loads on the 1 bolt system. w w Cable to crane 3. Draw any truss structure, place loads at different points and use methods of sections to determine forces in bars....
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Extra_problems_for Monday - The boy with the wrench grows...

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