Quiz 4 - Carbon dioxide Larynx(voice box Lobe(a portion...

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Alveol/o Bronch/o Bronchi/o Bronchiol/o Capn/o Carb/o Laryng/o Lob/o Nas/o Rhin/o Or/o Ox/o Palat/o Pharyng/o Phren/o Pleur/o Pneum/o Pneumon/o Pulmon/o Sinus/o Spir/o Thorac/o Pector/o Steth/o Tonsill/o Trache/o Uvul/o Alveolus(air sac) Bronchus(airway) Briochiole(little airway)
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Unformatted text preview: Carbon dioxide Larynx (voice box) Lobe(a portion) Nose Mouth Oxygen Palate Phyrynx(throat) Diaphragm(also mind Pleura Air or lung Lung Sinus(cavity) Breathing Chest Tonsil(almond) Trachea(windpipe) uvula-pnea breathing...
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