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EE302 Schedule - EE302 Detailed MWF Schedule Spring 2008...

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EE302 Detailed MWF Schedule - Spring 2008 Date Week # Day Lecture Topic Reading Project HW Labs Notes 14-Jan 1 M Course Introduction 16-Jan W ECE Computer Resources, Project Overview Alexander Chapter 1. 18-Jan F Engineering Problem Solving; Units: Charge, Current, Voltage HW0 HW0 HW0: An online quiz to introduce students to the UT network. 21-Jan 2 M MLK Holiday NONE 23-Jan W Power & Energy, Circuit Elements Alexander Chapter 2. 25-Jan F Ohm's Law Unit A HW1 HW1: Current, voltage, power, Ohm's Law 28-Jan 3 M Kirchoff's Laws 1. Robot 1 Lab 1: Robotics I (Team Organization, Robot Maze) 30-Jan W Labs are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week. 1-Feb F Series & Parallel Resistors Unit B HW2 HW2: KCL, KVL 4-Feb 4 M 2. Robot 2 Lab 2: Robotics II (Project Planning, Robot Line Following). 6-Feb W Voltage and Current Dividers 8-Feb F HW3 HW3: Series/parallel resistors and current/voltage division 11-Feb 5 M Review 3. Robot 3 Lab 3: Robotics III (Implementation, Challenge I).
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