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EEE407/591 Test 2 Tuesday 4/1/08 Name: The first sixteen questions are short and there is no partial credit on them. Answer all questions carefully, circle your answers. 1. The following z transform is given solution: h(n) =0.9 delta(n+1)+delta(n)+(1/0.9) delta(n-1) For the same ROC sketch carefully the inverse z-transform of (2pts) 2. The transfer function of a causal digital filter is The filter is Unstable(2pts) FALSE 3. The following filter is given . Give the group delay of this filter (2pts) grp delay= 3/2 4. Write the steady-state response of the filter The input is (2pts) 5. Poles of a z-domain causal transfer function that are outside the unit circle but lie on the left-hand side of the imaginary axis imply that the system is stable. (2pts) FALSE 6. For high-order high-pass filters the bilinear transform method may produce an aliased digital filter frequency response. (2pts) FALSE 7. The impulse invariance method does not suffer from aliasing effects for first-order analog low-pass filter approximations. (2 pts) FALSE H ( z
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