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Unformatted text preview: University of California, Davis Dr. Janine L.F. Wilson Department of Economics Summer Session II 2009 Economics 151A ECONOMICS OF THE LABOR MARKET Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4:10-5:50 PM 202 Wellman CONTACT INFORMATION DISCUSSION SECTIONS Office: 1123 Social Sciences and Humanities Building Time: R 12:10-1:50 Storer 1342 R 2:10-3:50 Storer 1342 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Jessamyn Schaller Office Hours: M 6pm-7pm T 6pm-7pm (or by appointment) Office: 111 SSH Course Website: Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M 2pm-4pm COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will cover the following topics: 1. Labor Supply Theory 2. Labor Demand Theory 3. Determination of Wages and Employment in the Labor Market 4. Economic Theories of Labor Unions 5. Compensating Wage Differentials Students will receive an understanding of the traditional economic models relevant to the study of the labor market. COURSE PREREQUISITES The prerequisite for this course is Intermediate Microeconomics (Economics 100 or 104). In presentation and testing of the course material, I will also assume that you have background in calculus (Mathematics 16A-16B or 21A-21B) and in statistics (Statistics 13 or 32), which are required courses for the economics major. You should have passed all of these courses with a grade of C- or higher. READINGS I expect that you have read the newspaper or a periodical that will keep you up to date on current events. Required text: George J. Borjas, Labor Economics (Fifth Edition), Irwin McGraw-Hill. If you have already bought the second, third or fourth edition, they will work just fine. Further Reading : Additional readings can be downloaded from , provided that you are using a campus computer or the library proxy service (go to for details) when you are using an off-campus computer. Exact links to papers will be listed on the course website. These are recommended readings. In particular, all that you are required to know from these articles will be covered in lecture or discussion section. However, an understanding of these readings will be more thorough if you read these articles...
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syllabus - University of California Davis Dr Janine L.F...

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