October 11 - as much as he can Design Process • How something is created define the problem(figure out what you’re trying to design in the

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October 11, 2007 Charles Rennie Mackintosh: very high backed chairs, did series of tea rooms, used chairs as a way to subdivide open spaces International style of architecture: glass house (Johnson), rectangle, trying to move away from norms, inspired by Bauhaus Phillip Johnson: glass house, most expensive wallpaper, merges interior with exterior, played with various styles of architecture Farnsworth House: another glass house, floats in the air, typical of what Van der something did with this type of building Crown Hall IIT: another Van der all (?) building, architecture building at IIT but there are still similarities between this and domestic building, emphasizing space
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Unformatted text preview: as much as he can Design Process • How something is created: define the problem (figure out what you’re trying to design in the first place), investigate (can take a long time, the more complex the more issues/longer it will take you), develop alternative solutions (wastepaper basket), choose alternative, develop prototype (can come about in several ways-computer/paper), test and evaluate, create (actually make the thing, people tend to think that they are done after this), evaluate • Define problem: design a place to sit down, doesn’t directly result in a chair (or a typical chair), can result in several variations; Wassily Chair, Marcel Breuer...
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