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ATTACH THIS SHEET AS THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT Assignment 3, ECE 464, FS 08 Name:__________________________ Due: Sept. 19, 2008; 9:00 AM READING: Chapter 2, 3 Score:__________ 3.1) The circuit below is controlled such that the output voltage is as shown. Redraw the circuit with the voltage source and switches replaced with an equivalent ideal voltage source. 3.2) Using Fourier analysis, calculate the steady-state current waveform for the circuit in
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Unformatted text preview: 3.1). Do this for both T = 2 ms and T = 200 ms. 3.3) Repeat 3.2) for both cases of T, except use the approximation that , as appropriate. Is this a good approximation or not, and why or why not? 3.4) For 3.2), determine the RMS values of the output voltage and output current, the average output power, and the power factor (with respect to output voltage and output current). 3.5) For 3.2), Determine the THD of the output voltage and the output current....
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