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ATTACH THIS SHEET AS THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT Assignment 6, ECE 464, FS 08 Name:__________________________ Due: Nov. 10, 2008; 9:00 AM READING: Chapter 6 Score:__________ 6.1) A single-phase, full-bridge inverter has a switching frequency of 100 Hz and a DC voltage of 200 V. The inverter is not using pulse-width modulation; instead, it is just producing a square-wave output into a series RLC load. If the resistance of the load is 3 ohms, the inductance is 10 mH, and the capacitance is chosen so that the resonant frequency is 10 Hz, then plot the steady-state current waveform in the load. 6.2) A single-phase, full-bridge, pulse-width modulated inverter is used to drive an RL load. The DC voltage is 310 V. Assume the carrier is a triangle wave that varies, from a minimum of zero and a maximum of one, with a relatively high frequency. Choose a duty cycle command that will produce a load voltage of 150 Vrms at 45 Hz. 6.3) Repeat 6.2) for a three-phase inverter with a wye-connected load.
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