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ATTACH THIS SHEET AS THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT Assignment 7, ECE 464, FS 08 Name:__________________________ Due: Nov. 17, 2008; 9:00 AM READING: Chapters 11-12 Score:__________ 7.1) A boost converter in continuous conduction mode has a switching frequency of 25 kHz and a duty cycle of 0.4. Choose a value of capacitance that limits the voltage ripple to 0.05 V for an output current of 3 A. Use a loss tangent of 0.1 for the capacitor. 7.2) A capacitor has a wire resistance of 0.05 ohms, a series inductance of 5 nH, a capacitance of 0.01 uF, and a leakage resistance of 100 k-ohms. Plot the impedance of this capacitor versus frequency. 7.3) A toroidal core has a mean length of 2 cm and cross-sectional area of 0.5 cm- squared. It is wound with 50 turns of wire to fill about 10% of its window area.
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