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ATTACH THIS SHEET AS THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT Assignment 8 (OPTIONAL), ECE 464, FS 08 Name:__________________________ Due: Dec. 19, 2008; 12 :00 PM READING: Chapter 15-16 Score:__________ This assignment is optional. It is worth up to 25 points per problem. It is not bonus. If you turn in this assignment, your grade may increase, decrease, or stay about the same. However, if you do well you can improve your grade. 8.1) Given a boost converter with a 100 uH inductor and 100 uF capacitor, simulate the startup of the circuit. The input voltage is 10 V and the duty cycle is 0.5. Choose a switching frequency so that the converter is in continuous mode from 1 W output to 20 W output (resistive load). For the main switch, use an ideal switch in series with a 0.1-ohm resistance. For the other switch, use a diode with an on-state voltage of about 0.7 V to
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Unformatted text preview: 1.0 V. You can use PSPICE (there is an online free student version), Transsim (there is a free version online), or any other circuit simulator. 8.2) Using the circuit in 8.1), develop the average value model based on state space averaging. Simulate the startup of this circuit as well. 8.3) Using the model of 8.2), develop the linearized model of the circuit. Use output voltage as the “output” and duty cycle as the “input.” 8.4) Using the linear model of 8.3), develop a controller that insures tracking of the voltage to 20 V in the steady state. Show that the system is stable. 8.5) Using the controller of 8.4), simulate the circuit of 8.1) with the controller in place. Show the output voltage converging to the correct value....
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