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LewisVSEPRProblemSet - Ch 13 Problems Chem 1403 Kathleen...

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Ch. 13 Problems Kathleen Kristian Chem 1403 Fall 2008 Ch. 13 and Ch. 14 are about molecular structure and bonding. This is a challenging topic and you should apply yourself to studying and doing the problems accordingly. Aside from conceptual understanding, there are some skills you should master. By the time we finish Ch. 13, you should be able to: Draw a Lewis structure (this includes calculating the formal charge on each atom; indicating the formal charges using conventional notation; and drawing all of the resonance structures when necessary) Predict the molecular geometry based on a Lewis structure. This requires that you memorize Tables 13.8, 13.9, and 13.10 or the table in my notes for this week (including the bond angles in the common molecular geometries). Draw a molecule in its appropriate 3D geometry using conventional notation. Draw bond dipoles on a molecule using conventional notation and sum them to determine if there is a net dipole moment for the molecule.
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