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Applied Mathematics E2101y Introduction to Applied Mathematics Problem Set #2, due in class on Thursday, 12 February 2009 Chapter 2, § 2.2: Separable Equations 17 20 30 (a)-(c) Chapter 2, § 2.5: Homogeneous, Ricatti, and Bernoulli Equations 1 8 15 22 35 36 [Hint: Let u = log y .] Historical Research February 8 is the birthday of Daniel Bernoulli. He was born in the Netherlands and spent perhaps his most productive period with Leonhard Euler in St. Petersburg from age 27 to 33, working on mechanics and vibrations, analyzing fundamental modes of vibration (eigenfunctions). (a) Where was Daniel and in what area of science was he working when Columbia University was founded (as King’s College, of course – you must remember the date!)?
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Daniel’s father was a famous mathematician (along with his uncle and two of his broth-ers). The father strongly resisted Daniel’s desire to go into mathematics, believing that there was no money in it. Fortunately, Daniel disobeyed. But his father turned sinister and tried to steal some of his son’s best work in 1738, publishing it under his own name. (The “Bernoulli Equation” is, in fact, named after Daniel, not his father, as his father would have had history believe.) In one word, what was the title of this work? You may find the following webpages convenient for historical questions about mathematics and mathematicians:
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