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Internetnetwork - Snifing URL nya...

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Bram Fatdeli (3310801014) 1. TCP / IP URL nya :  http://www.earlyedition.info/tcpip-transmission-control-protocolinternet-protocol.html 2. ROUTER dan ROUTING URL nya : http://www.zulkarnain.com/post/routing-protocol-rip-routing-information-protocol- versi-2-pada-windows-server-2008-step-by-step.aspx 3. Keamanan Jaringan (Network Security)
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Unformatted text preview: Snifing URL nya : http://cybertech.cbn.net.id/cbprtl/cybertech/detail.aspx?x=Tech+Talk&y=cybertech|0| 0|3|2 4. Simulasi Internet Service Provider (ISP) URL nya : http://www.beritanet.com/Literature/Kamus-Jargon/Tentang-ISP.html 5. Pemograman Socket URL nya : http://www.pcmedia.co.id/detail.asp?Id=2159&Cid=22&Eid=54...
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Internetnetwork - Snifing URL nya...

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