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Project Summary for Analyzing a Solid using Conservation of Mass CHEM 123 Tashrik Ahmed 9/04/06 Santhosh _____ 05/01 Objective: The purpose of this lab is to determine he identity of an unknown #40 solid by determining the mass of the components to resolve the empirical formula, and applying conservation of mass to determine the molecular formula. Procedure: “Analyzing a Solid Using Conservation of Mass”,  Chem 123 Laboratory 
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Unformatted text preview: Manual , Purdue University, Fall 2007, pp. 3 – 8. Data: Trial 1: Crucible Weight 21.001 grams Sample Mass .5000 grams Crucible + Lid + sample mass 21.494 grams Post Heating crucible + lid+ sample weight 21.216 grams Trial 2 Crucible Weight 19.755 Sample Mass .435 Crucible + Lid + sample mass 20.234 Post Heating crucible + lid+ sample weight 19.965 Data Analysis: Results: Discussion/Error Analysis:...
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