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Michael Yuhas 10-15-09 H.W. 7 GBL 323-003 H.W. 7 Ch. 8 8-3 Professional codes of ethics differ from individual codes in that individual codes are ethical values usually brought in by the individuals that work for a company. Professional codes are ethical values that differ among different professional groups. 8-5 Industry ethical codes are not generally effective because they are not good in monitoring violations of the own ethical codes 8-8 I would advise D to tell someone because to most people it is unethical to steal even the smallest of things unless it’s for survival, which in this case it is not. He should use the deontological theory of ethics. 8-9 1) I believe this person is unethical because the people that actually have an MBA may not get the job that this individual did because he lied. The situation could be viewed as ethical if either all the other people applying for the job are corrupt
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Unformatted text preview: or if this particular individual helps improve society from this lie. 2) I do not believe this to be unethical because someone’s pay should not have any effect on the decision of whoever is making it. If it is viewed under the humanist theory it could be viewed unethical because it does not improve intelligence, wisdom, or self-restraint. If viewed under deontological theory then and it is wrong no matter what because it is lying. 8-11 I would tell the authorities because if it is found that I knew that the drug increased the chance for cancer then I could be in serious trouble. The school of social responsibility that would be my basis for my decision would be the institutional school because the business has a responsibility to act in a manner that benefits all of society. This means that any business should act so that they do not harm people nor the environment....
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