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October 30 - Progressive(reform movement late 19th century...

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October 30, 2007 Progressive (reform) movement: late 19 th century to early years of 20 th century; move the culture forward, away from what had happened in the past Catharine Beecher: wrote a couple of books that had an impact- Domestic Economy (1841), American Woman’s Home (1869); concerned with the American woman’s home and how its set up; the home was based around the mother but Beecher said that they were never trained for this, need to have functional spaces, before her no one paid attention to the kitchen for example Home Economics/Domestic Science/Domestic Engineering: people were very interested in scientific methodology, take lessons from that and apply it to the home, you come up with something more functional Morrill Act 1862-Land Grant Universities Hatch Act 1887-research farms Smith Lever Act 1914-Cooperative Extension Service (look at farm houses) Frank & Lillian Gilbreth: cheaper by the dozen, time and motion experts,
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