CL.10 - Tilton v Richardson The Federal Higher Education...

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Tilton v. Richardson The Federal Higher Education Facility Act of 1963 (administered by the United States Commissioner of Education) gave construction grants to church- sponsored higher education institutes church-related universities that received grant monies from the federal government After 20 years, can do whatever they like By a 5-4 vote, the Court decided that the grants for non-religious school facilities did not violate the Establishment Clause Appellants are citizens and taxpayers of the United States and residents of Connecticut Burger Primary effect of the Higher Education Facility Act was not to aid religious institutes, purpose was to support higher education, the buildings are secular Decided that not all financial aid to church-sponsored activities violates the religious clauses of the constitution After twenty years, the provision giving the schools the ability to use the facility for religious purposes is unconstitutional because the building then has use and money goes towards religion, instead it has to make sure that forever it is non-religious Taxpayer’s rights were not violated by the act because there was no coercion directed at
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CL.10 - Tilton v Richardson The Federal Higher Education...

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