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Communication Management Plan

Communication Management Plan - Project deliverables...

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Communication Management Plan Group 8 Engineering In addition to the regularly scheduled and ad hoc meetings identified, the Project Management team will utilize a number of tools to further facilitate effective communication with stakeholder groups. These tools and methods include the following. Web Site The Project Management team will use a web portal to post project deliverables, work plans, schedules, status reports and other communication vehicles. Other communication tools, such as newsletters and presentations, issues log, decision log, action items, contact list, etc. also will be posted on the project web site. The link to the web portal is: AvantiPartsDepot.com This website will have a public page that is available to the citizens of Bloomington as well as private logins for different groups of stakeholders. This will allow on demand information to be available to anyone who has proper access through the projects web portal. Deliverables
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Unformatted text preview: Project deliverables developed by the Management team and vendors/consultants will be shared with project stakeholders via the project web site. The site also will include pertinent information such as stakeholder lists, calendars, action items, decision log, issue log, frequently asked questions, etc. Newsletters A newsletter for distribution will be published every other week. The newsletter will also be posted on the web site. Appropriate newsletter topics include recent and completed activities, scheduled activities, important links, and Executive Steering Committee decisions and actions. Presentations In addition to the above communication methods, the Management team anticipates creating a number of presentations for both internal and external stakeholder groups, such as the Executive Steering Committee, Internal and External Stakeholders, etc. Presentations will be tailored to the audience and posted on the web site as well....
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