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Executive Summary - easy. It reminded me of the rub your...

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Executive Summary The ball drop portion seemed to show that the rebound height is not a linear function. The further away I got from the recorded data that was used to create the model(y=.7025(+/- .01299)x=2.750(+/- .7115)) the more off the results became. While the interpolated data seemed to work well. 50cm which was in the middle of the recorded data fell between my minimum and maximum marks, but if you tried to predict the results of the 90cm or ceiling(182cm) the prediction was out of the predicted tolerances. The motion match part of the experiment at first glanced seemed to be somewhat simple to recreate the graphs. Upon actually doing the motions though things were not so
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Unformatted text preview: easy. It reminded me of the rub your belly and pat your head idea. Two simple ideas, motion and time, but when combined are not as simple. During the motion match portion of the experiment it helped me to gain a better understanding of different types of graphs and the motions associated with them. I also learned how to use the sonar sensor to record and plot data. I learned a bit about how to use the Logger Pro software, in the ball drop portion, to create a graph from a series of points. I also learned that not all predicted models can or will accurately represent actual data...
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