In-Class 2 (Progress)

In-Class 2 (Progress) - -Class 2 Summer 2009 Networking...

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Unformatted text preview: -Class 2 Summer 2009 Networking Mediums Networks, no matter the configuration or range, must be made out of physical connections. We call these connections mediums . Answer the following questions concerning the different mediums through which networks travel. 1. What are two other names for an ethernet cable? Twisted Pair Cable Coaxial Cable Network Ha rdware After we lay the cords, and configure the mediums in which our network can travel, we have to have central hubs of hardware in which to bridge our networks and computers. These pieces of hardware can take all shapes and sizes, and come in varying levels of security. 2. Between a hub and a switch, which has more control over who receives data? 3. The switch has more control. Network Topology Overall, a network is organized into some physical divisions. We call this division, topology . Through different arrangements of our network mediums and hardware, we can achieve different levels of reliability and speed throughout all of the computers, and can even custom-tailor the...
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In-Class 2 (Progress) - -Class 2 Summer 2009 Networking...

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