In-Class 5 (Progress)

In-Class 5 (Progress) - 6. Between RAM and hard drives,...

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n-Class 5 Summer 2009 Computer Hardware This week in class you will be taking apart some very basic computers. We will be discussing what each major part of a computer does, so be sure to pay attention! 1. How many bits are in a byte? 8 2. In a plain ASCII text file, how much space does one character take up? one byte 3. What role does the central processing unit (CPU) play? It is the brain of the operation. 4. Which part of the computer holds data temporarily, when it’s most likely to be used by the CPU? RAM 5. What is the job of the video processor, or graphics card? To play videos. Take the load off the brain. Make videos faster.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Between RAM and hard drives, which is faster? Which is less expensive? Ram: Faster Hard Drive: less expensive 7. Which is most likely to be found on the back of a computer? I/O drives, or I/O ports? I/O Ports 8. What do we call the part of the computer that connects the CPU, memory, video processor, I/O drives, ports, etc. and lets them communicate? System Bus 9. What type of interface does Windows employ? GUI 10. What do we call the software that helps the operating system understand how to use a specific piece of hardware? Device drivers...
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In-Class 5 (Progress) - 6. Between RAM and hard drives,...

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