In-Class 6 (Progress)

In-Class 6 (Progress) - Spreadsheets I n-Class 6 Fall 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: Spreadsheets I n-Class 6 Fall 2009 It’s now time to study spreadsheets in E115. We will be paying close attention to the application of spreadsheets with relation to business modeling. 1. What do you call a group of cells in an Excel spreadsheet? Range 2. In Excel, how would you identify first 20 cells in column A? A1:A20 3. What button would you hold down to select/highlight more cells without unselecting ones that you already highlighted? In other words, how would you add to the selection of cells? Control/ctrl 4. What tool can we use to finish a pattern or duplicate a formula? Autofill 5. What must go at the beginning of any cell with a formula or function, when we want its contents to be calculated? = 6. Using inClass6.xls, write the formula that you would put in G9, the tax for Tom Smith. =F9*$C$1 7. Using functions, write formula you’d use to find the number of customers served. =SUM(D9:D28) 8. Also using a function, how would you find the number of parties served? _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 9. How would you find the smallest total bill? How about the largest? Smallest: Largest: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 10. What are two ways you could find the average total bill? __________________________ __________________________ ...
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This note was uploaded on 11/02/2009 for the course E E115 taught by Professor Burgett during the Spring '09 term at N.C. State.

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In-Class 6 (Progress) - Spreadsheets I n-Class 6 Fall 2009...

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