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In-Class 7 (Progress)

In-Class 7 (Progress) - Spreadsheets I n-Class 7 Fall 2009...

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In-Class 7 Fall 2009 // Spreadsheets Let us continue the discussion of last week. This week will introduce conditional logic and some advanced concepts of spreadsheet mechanics. 1. Give names to the values in cells C1 – C7. 2. Give an example of a condition (not an equation) that would check to see if E10 is greater than or equal to ten. __________________________ 3. For column F, you want to write a formula to turn text like “breakfast” or “buffet” (in column E) into prices we can work with. Write the nested IF from F10 below. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 4. Use a single IF statement to give a 25% discount if a party buys breakfast on Monday morning, and put the subtotal after the discount in H10. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 5. Write the formula you’d use to determine the gratuity for row 10
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