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IS2150/TEL2810 Introduction to Security Homework 4 Total Points: 100 Due Date: Oct 20, 2009 1) From Section 6.6 Do exercise 1, 3 (Points 20) 2) What are the contributions of the Clark-Wilson Model (Points 10) 3) Assume that Alice and Bob are friends. Consider two conflict of class sets COI 1 = {X, Y} and COI 2 = {U, V}. Let CD X , CD Y , CD U , and CD V be the company data sets of companies X, Y, U and V. (Points 20) Show all the possible assignments that are allowed and prohibited by the Chinese wall policy - consider read only assignments as well as read and write. Consider the following scenarios; 1. Only read accesses need to be provided to CDs 2. Both read and write accesses need to be provided together to any CD. 3. Both read/write required for CD X , and CD V , and read-only to remaining CDs. Note that Alice and Bob may not be able to cover all the CDs – for that you can assume there are others who can take on the assignment. You need to only consider Alice and Bob. 4)
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