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IS2150/TEL2810, Quiz 2 September 15, 2009, (Total Points: 15) Name : Mention what the following principles mean (5) Separation of Privileges (Check notes/slides) Least privilege Fail safe default Explain how does an executable program that has the setuid bit set work (2). If a program p executes this program, p’s EUID will be be changed to that of UID associated with this program – until this program terminates. If the umask value set is 0225, and the initial file creation permissions are 0777, what is the
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Unformatted text preview: permission setting for a new file? (4) 552 What are the purposes of the read , write and execute permission over a directory in Unix systems? (4) Read – list file (run the ls command) Write – add/delete/rename files Execute – Stat the directory (to find owner and lengths of files in it); to make it the current directory (to cd), to open files in the directory...
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