hw4sol - H omework #4 Solutions 3.091 Fall Term 2004 5-5....

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3.091 Fall Term 2004 Homework #4 Solutions 5-5. We imply that sodium is a better electron donor than lithium. Evidence for this can be found in the lower value of AVEE which for these two elements is equivalent to the value of the first ionization energy. For sodium the value is 5.139 eV; for lithium 5.392 eV. 5-47. The very high third ionization energy for magnesium (7733 kJ). 5-49. The most important factor is the electron configuration and the number of electrons that must be gained or lost to achieve a filled outer shell or octet electron configuration. 5-51. The product of the reaction of strontium metal with phosphorus should have the formula Sr 3 P 2 . 5-55. (a) ZnF 2 (b) AlF 3 (c) SnF 2 or SnF 4 (d) MgF 2 (e) (BiF 3 or BiF 5 4-34. (a) C 2 H 6 H H H H HH CC (b) C 2 H 4 C H C H H H (c) C 2 H 2 H CH C
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3.091 Homework #4 page 2 (d) C 2 2- CC –2 4-37. In the molecule N 2 O 5 , there are 40 valence electrons available. A structure that contains O 2 N-NO 3 requires 42 valence electrons. The correct Lewis structure is: O O O O O N N 4-42 . Exceptions to the Lewis octet rule are encountered when the central atom has fewer than or more than eight valence electrons.
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hw4sol - H omework #4 Solutions 3.091 Fall Term 2004 5-5....

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