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3.091 Fall Term 2004 Homework #6 October 12 (to be tested Tuesday, October 19) From the text, Chapter 9, problems 50, 51, and 59 (31, 27, and 35 1 st edition). Additional questions: 0. Iron ( ρ = 7.86 g/cm 3 ) crystallizes in a BCC unit cell at room temperature. Calculate the radius of an iron atom in this crystal. At temperatures above 910ºC iron prefers to be FCC. If we neglect the temperature dependence of the radius of the iron atom on the grounds that it is negligible, we can calculate the density of FCC iron. Use this to determine whether iron expands or contracts when it undergoes transformation from the BCC to the FCC structure. 1. Determine the total void volume (cm 3 /mole) for Au (at 27 ° C); make the hard-sphere approximation in your calculation; use data provided in the periodic table. 2. For the element copper (Cu) determine: (a) the distance of second nearest neighbors; (b) the interplanar spacing of {110} planes.
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