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301 benihana - sold Typically in restaurants the margin on...

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Challenge 1 After running challenge 1 with and without batching, it became immediately clear that Benihana  must use batching to produce the most profitable results. In our simulation with batching the  average profit was 360.00. Without batching profit was in the red at -139.00. From the table you  can see that the large difference in profit is due to the increased number of lost customers when  batching is not used. Also, fewer tables and dinners are served. However, the numbers seem a  bit strange. When batching is not used 345 more drinks are sold as customers are forced to wait  in the bar for longer periods of time (around 75 minutes). However, only 77 fewer dinners are 
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Unformatted text preview: sold. Typically in restaurants, the margin on drinks is so low that a majority of profits are made there. It seems strange that the without batching profit numbers is so low when that many drink are being sold. However, it is clear that batching must be used especially because max customers increases from 64 to 112 when batching is used. Challenge 3 The impact of dining time on performance affects utilization and throughput. Utilization decreases with average meal time. The demand relative to capacity 304 dinners...
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