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Connective Tissue Histology

Connective Tissue Histology - 2 Ligaments 3 Aponeuroses 4...

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Angelo Crespin 09/09/09 237.001 Connective Tissue Histology Tissue Type Characteristics Functions Locations Areolar 1. Well Vascularized 2. Contains fibers, cell types, ground substances 3. Most abundant connective tissue 1. Contain Blood, vessels, and nerves which serve nearby tissue 1. Outer dermis of skin 2. Interstitial tissue 3. Mesenteries 4. Serous Membrane Adipose 1. Cells closely packed 2. Nuclei and other organelles pressed against membrane 1. Acts as insulation and shock absorption 1. Found around many organs 2. Heart, eyes, kidneys, spleen, under skin etc. 3. Associated with serous membranes of the body Dense Irregular 1. Has few cells mostly fibroblasts and many fibers principally collagen arranged in irregular patterns 1. Provide strength and withstand stresses 2. Produce the supporting sub mucosa of hollow organs and capsules of synovial joints 1. Makes up deep layer of the skin dermis Dense Regular 1. Fibrous 2. Inelastic 3. Almost entirely of collagen fibers 1. Forms structure of tendons 1. Tendons
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Ligaments 3. Aponeuroses 4. Fascia 5. Fibrous joints Elastic Connective Tissue Elastic 1. Makes the arteries flex and able to absorb the pulse pressure 2. Gives Lungs their recoil 1. Walls of large arteries and in stroma of lungs 2. Sparingly in some elastic ligaments Reticular Connective Tissue 1. Has reticular fibers only 1. Forms internal support for many soft organs 1. Internal support of the kidneys, spleen, liver, and many other soft organs 2. Lymph nodes Hyaline Cartilage 1. Has Organic collagen fibers 2. Finely divided 3. Covering is fibrous called perichondrium 4. Has Ground Substances 1. Provide flexible support 1. Nose 2. Ribs 3. Cartilage model 4. For Bone Development Elastic Cartilage 1. Dense bundles 2. Is Rare 3. Made of Elastic 1. Maintains shape and flexible support 1. Found in epiglottis and ear Fibrocartilage 1. Dense Bundles of collagen fibers 1. Shock Absorption 1. Major component of intervertebral disks and the symphysis pubis...
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Connective Tissue Histology - 2 Ligaments 3 Aponeuroses 4...

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